Equal Opportunities Committee

  • Maura Greaney
  • Adrienne Healy
  • Eimear Holly
  • Bill Lonergan
  • Mary Lyndon
  • Tony McKernan
  • Sinéad Moore
  • Helen O'Reilly
  • Seamus Meskill
  • Ann Piggott, President
  • Eamon Dennehy, Vice President


The Deputy General Secretary provides professional support to the Committee.

The Committee meets between three and seven times a year. Its main areas of activity can be divided into three main sub-headings:

  1. Promotion of equal of opportunities for all teachers in terms of access to employment, employment practices and working conditions in operation in the schools.
  2. Promotion of equality of representation within the structures of the Union.
  3. Promotion of equality of opportunity for pupils in terms of access to the full range of subjects and involvement in the school.

The Equal Opportunities Committee is elected by Convention every second year.