Standing Committee

Standing Committee consists of 23 members and includes the President, Vice-President, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary National Organiser, President Elect (from Annual Convention to July 31st), Immediate Past President (from August 1st to next Annual Convention) and 18 regionally elected representatives. The Honorary National Organiser is elected by CEC. Standing Committee looks after the business of the union when neither CEC nor Convention is in session.

Branch elections of Standing Committee representatives shall be by secret ballots organised by branches. Candidates for election shall be nominated from amongst those who are full members for at least two years by a branch in the relevant region or by 50 members in the relevant region. Notice of nomination shall be given, on the appropriate form, to the General Secretary not later than the 7th January. The term of office for regionally elected representatives shall normally be two years and a member may be re-elected to serve for a maximum of three consecutive full terms.

President: Ann Piggott
Vice President: Eamon Dennehy
Immediate Past President: Deirdre MacDonald
Honorary Treasurer: Pádraig Murphy
Honorary National Organiser: Michael McGrath

Region 1: Parick Curley
Region 2: Róisín Doyle
Region 3: Richard Bell
Region 4: Geraldine O'Brien
Region 5: Donal Cremin
Region 6: Ann Loughnane
Region 7: Pat Knightly
Region 8: Paul O'Reilly
Region 9: Siobhán Peters
Region 10: Eamon Ryan
Region 11: Peter Keaney
Region 12: Jane Craig Elliott
Region 13: Chris Hind
Region 14: Ray St. John
Region 15:Andrew Phelan
Region 16: Emer Brady
Region 17: Mark Walshe
Region 18: Philip Irwin