Sickness Benefit Scheme

The ASTI operates a Sickness Benefit Scheme and maintains a fund to finance it. The scheme is administered by a committee of seven members appointed by Convention and directly responsible to Convention. All members of the Association are automatically members of the Sickness Benefit Scheme. Members may claim benefit under this scheme in respect of (a) illness (b) optical and dental treatment, and hearing aids prescribed for the member by a qualified medical practitioner.

(a) Illness:

Payment will be made in respect of illness entailing seven consecutive days absence from school or more, unless the illness occurs during official holidays. Saturday and Sunday may be included in reckoning these seven days. In the case of illness of a member resulting in death, an application for sickness benefit on account of that illness may be considered from the next-of-kin of the member and dealt with at the discretion of the Sickness Benefit Fund Committee.

The Sickness Benefit Scheme does not cover:

(i) Illness occurring within 24 calendar months of first entry in the scheme or subsequent re-entry.
(ii) Accidents or illness resulting from accidents.
(iii) Maternity or pregnancy, or illness arising directly from maternity or pregnancy.

Benefit shall not be paid in respect of:

(i) The same type of illness recurring within a period of three years.
(ii) Expenses recoverable from any other agency such as VHI, BUPA, Social Welfare, etc.

In the case of illness, the maximum benefit shall be an amount equal to the annual ASTI membership subscription plus €50 in any calendar year.

(b) Optical and Dental Treatment, and Hearing Aids:

The benefit payable in respect of expenses for optical and dental treatment and hearing aids prescribed for the member by a qualified medical practitioner is subject to a maximum of €165 as of 1st August, 2007 in any five years. An amount of €15 shall be deducted from the total amount of the claim. No claim for less than €15 will be considered.

How to Claim:

All applications for benefit must be made on the Official Form that may also be obtained from the School Steward or from Head Office. Receipts from the appropriate medical authority or qualified practitioner must accompany the application for benefit. Claims for benefit must be submitted to ASTI Head Office within six calendar months of termination of illness or treatment.

This is an internal ASTI Scheme.