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ASTI Vice Presidential Election

ASTI Annual Convention held on 24th July 2020 adopted the following motion:


“That a postal ballot of eligible electors be held to elect the Vice-President of ASTI to hold office in accordance with rule 114 of the ASTI Rules and Constitution. Such election to be held in accordance with the procedures previously circulated to Annual Convention 2020 and the candidates for which to be the validly nominated candidates for Vice-President of ASTI as of January 31st 2020.”


The ballot is now in progress. Eligible electors should expect to receive the relevant ballot material in the coming days.


Fully completed envelopes and ballots must arrive in ASTI Head Office not later than 5.30 p.m. on Thursday 13th August, 2020. Ballot material received after this time cannot and will not be included in the election count.