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A new Circular “Leadership and Management in Post-Primary Schools” Circular 0003/18 was issued in January 2018. This Circular supersedes all previous Circulars in relation to posts or responsibility at Assistant Principal and Special Duties level and Programme Co-ordinator posts.

While the Circular represents some restoration of posts of responsibility in second-level schools, the ASTI will continue its campaign for full restoration of posts of responsibility.

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The moratorium on posts of responsibility appointments has resulted in the loss of thousands of posts of responsibility since 2009.
The ASTI has campaigned for the reinstatement of these posts. A limited alleviation on the moratorium has been implemented but this has not addressed the enormous gaps in internal school structures.
The moratorium has resulted in increased workload for classroom teachers, principals, and deputy principals.
The Directive on posts of responsibility supports the ASTI in its demand for the reinstatement of all post of responsibility positions. It is unacceptable that teachers would be expected to undertake duties – which were previously part of a paid post of responsibility – on a voluntary basis. Teachers are already undertaking extra work, including additional hours. While additional work, such as the Croke Park 33 hours, is part of a formal agreement that union members had an opportunity to vote on, there is no agreement that teachers should undertake unpaid post of responsibility work.
In a survey carried out by Millward Brown in 2013, 60% of school principals surveyed stated that the moratorium on posts of responsibility has had a high or medium adverse impact on the wellbeing of students – click here to view the full survey.

The ASTI Standing Committee has issued a directive to members on posts of responsibility with effect from November 23rd, 2015.

The directive follows a ballot of members in which 89% voted in favour of banning members from undertaking posts of responsibility duties unless pensionably remunerated for this work. Click here for Directive.

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Post of Responsibility ASTI Directive

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Frequently Asked Questions

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