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Droichead Update

The Teaching Council has announced Updated Droichead Interim Measures 2019-2020 regarding newly qualified teachers (NQTs) who have continued to engage in Droichead during the current school year (2019/2020).

The Council has decided that any NQT who has completed Strand A, the in-school elements of Droichead in the school year 2019/2020, within the minimum period of time, and who may have one or more elements of Strand B outstanding, may submit a completed Form D, once the PST co-signs the form in the normal manner. On receipt of a completed form, the teacher’s registration will be updated and the condition removed.

For the avoidance of doubt, this means that any time spent engaging in Droichead after 12 March 2020 can be included in the verification of the Droichead process. In addition, quality teaching and learning undertaken remotely may also be accrued towards fulfilling the requirements of Strand A including online teaching, professional discussions and online observations.

NQTs who have not completed strand A within the minimum period of time by the end of the school year can still bank their time, and any activities completed, towards Droichead in the next school year (2020/2021) on an exceptional basis only, due to the CoVid-19 restrictions.

The Council will continue to collaborate with the NIPT in relation to the Droichead process and the changes approved by Council. Communications have issued to NQTs and to schools in this regard.

The updated guidance documents for NQTs and PSTs may be found here on the Council’s website.


In relation to probation, where teachers have met the standards of competence as determined by the Inspectorate and the Principal confirms that they have completed the 100 day requirement, then they will be eligible to have the condition of probation removed from their registration. For the avoidance of doubt, time spent teaching after 12 March is reckonable for service requirements. Where teachers have met the competence but do not have the required days, the standard approach will apply, whereby the teacher may submit evidence once they have completed the time requirement. At that stage their registration will be updated. Communications will be issued by the Inspectorate to the teachers involved over the coming days.

From September 2020, Droichead will be the only method of addressing outstanding professional practice induction conditions. Teachers should apply to complete the Droichead process on commencing employment in an eligible setting. Further information in respect of the Droichead process, is available in the Post-Qualification Professional Practice Procedures and Criteria 2019/20 document which will be updated in advance of the 2020/2021 school year. Please note that at the Council also publishes Droichead Transitionary Arrangements early in the school year in which exemptions and exceptional circumstances are outlined for teachers who are transitioning between the traditional process of probation and the new induction process of Droichead. Teachers are advised to check in September if any of these arrangements apply to their particular situation. Queries in relation to registration and options for the 2020/2021 school year should be emailed to