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October Ballots Information

October ballot

The ASTI Central Executive Council (CEC), at its meeting of September 19th 2020, decided to hold a postal ballot of members in respect of a number of key issues:
These include:

• Unilateral changes to work practices in some schools without consultation;
• Serious health and safety concerns around Covid-19; and
• Equal Pay for Equal Work.

Following the CEC meeting, Standing Committee met and decided that the ballot on Equal Pay for Equal Work, which could not be completed in March 2020 due to school closures, should be re-run.

Balloting will take place in mid October. Ballot papers will issue to members’ home addresses shortly. Completed ballot papers must be returned to ASTI Head Office before 5.30p.m. on Thursday October 22nd.
Nuacht Ballot Special – October 2020 is being distributed to schools.
Click here to view Nuacht Ballot Special – October 2020.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Members will receive a separate ballot paper on Equal Pay for Equal Work which reflects the March 2020 ballot (as decided on by CEC in January 2020).

Click here to view Nuacht Ballot Special (Equal Pay for Equal Work) – February 2020.