Unfair Dismissals Act

Purpose of the Acts:

In general, the Unfair Dismissals Acts, 1977 - 2007, provide that every dismissal of an employee will be presumed to have been unfair unless the employer can show substantial grounds justifying the dismissal.

The purpose of the Unfair Dismissals Acts is to protect employees from being unfairly dismissed from their jobs by laying down criteria by which dismissals are judged to be unfair and by providing an adjudication system and redress for an employee whose dismissal has been found to be unfair.

The Acts do not generally apply to a person who has been in the continuous service of an employer for less than one year. However, there are exceptions.

Fixed-Term Contracts:

The Acts contain special provision for fixed-term and specified-purpose contracts. The Acts stipulate that a dismissal consisting only of the expiry of the fixed term (without renewal) or the completion of the specified purpose shall not be covered by the Acts provided that:

(i) the contract is in writing;
(ii) it was signed by both parties and
(iii) it contains a clause that the Acts shall not apply to such dismissal.
Further information on the Fixed-Term Acts can be found at the Workplace Relations Commission website workplacerelations.ie


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