Croke Park Agreement

In February 2011, ASTI members voted to accept The Public Service (Croke Park) Agreement 2010-2014 negotiated between the Government and public service unions, involving sectoral negotiations between the teacher unions, management bodies and Department of Education and Skills.


In summary, in the second-level education sector, the Croke Park Agreement means:


  • Teachers provide an extra 33 hours annually;
  • Teachers sign up to be available for an extra period on the Supervision and Substitution rota;
  • Teachers agree to provide cover for a teacher taking their class away;
  • A redeployment scheme for teachers surplus to requirements other than in situations of school closure;
  • Guarantee of no compulsory redundancies for lifetime of the agreement;
  • Guarantee of no cut to existing teachers’ pay before 2014;
  • Retirement lump sum was based on ‘uncut’ salary until February 2012



Further information
Detailed information on the Croke Park Agreement and its operation in schools is available in these documents:


Outcome of the Croke Park Talks, January 2011

ASTI Guidelines on The Implementation of the Croke Park Agreement

ASTI guidance on 33 hours

Department of Education Circular on the Implementation of the Croke Park Agreement

Questions and Answers

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