School Accommodation

Commission on School Accommodation (COSA)

The Commission on School Accommodation (COSA) is charged with compiling comprehensive statistical information on school provision and accommodation needs at first and second level. It recommends criteria and procedures for school provision and planning.In recent years the Commission has been engaged in producing and developing plans for defined areas of the country where particular school provision problems exist. For more information on COSA visit


Schools Rationalisations, Amalgamations, Closures     

The ASTI holds regular meetings with Department of Education and Science Planning and Administration officials regarding school rationalisation developments throughout the country. Staff members in schools where amalgamation or rationalisation is imminent are visited by officials from ASTI Head Office. Meetings are arranged with management bodies, Trustees representatives, ETBs and Department of Education and Skills regarding individual school developments. At the time of going to print the ASTI was involved in school rationalisation activity in 29 different centres throughout the country.

Rationalisation issues which arise include assimilation rights, agreement on school type, position of part-time and temporary staff, contracts, redeployment rights, post of responsibility allocation, staff allocation, principalship and deputy-principalship, planning and facilities. Advice is given to members in relation to these and other related issues.