Non-permanent / Part-time teachers

What contract do you have?
Find out about the various types of non-permanent contract, identify which contract you have and what it means for your salary, entitlements and teaching career.

CIDs explained
Find out about Contracts of Indefinite Duration and learn about the criteria you need to meet in order to qualify

Understand your salary and payslip
Make sure you are being paid the correct salary, understand your payslip and deductions and read some money-saving tips.                                            

ASTI Substitute Placement Scheme
This service matches teachers seeking work with schools that require a substitute teacher. Register today!                             

Your questions answered
Contracts, salary, CIDs - find the answers to frequently asked questions from non-permanent teachers.

ASTI support for non-permanent teachers
Click here to find out about the support ASTI can offer you and how you can get involved to help achieve for non-permanent teachers.                                

Read more about the issues important to you 
Some articles highlighting the concerns of non-permanent teachers and the ASTI's campaigns to protect conditions and improve job prospects and job security for all teachers.