Force Majeure Leave / Illness of a Family Member Leave

Force Majeure Leave

Circular 17/99 covers Force Majeure Leave which allows for a maximum of 3 days in each 12 month rolling period or 5 days in each 36 month rolling period. 

This leave covers situations where, for urgent family reasons, the immediate presence of the employee is indispensably required at the place where the family member is.

Illness of a Family Member Leave

Circular 19/00 allows for illness of  a family member leave of 5 days in a school year in the case of a spouse, child or parent OR 3 days in a school year in the case of a brother, sister, grand-parent, aunt, uncle, or parent-in law.

When applying for this type of leave the teacher must provide certification from a medical practitioner stating that the family member concerned requires constant care and attention for the period of recuperation from the illness.


The first day of each absence due to Force Majeure leave / Illness of a family member leave is covered under the Supervision and Substitution scheme and there is paid substitution provided by the Department of Education and Skills for any subsequent days.


It should be noted that the maximum periods of leave between Force Majeure Leave and Illness of a Family Member Leave cannot exceed 5 days in a school year.